1. bergdorfgoodman:

    The sky is on fire in NYC tonight.


  2. "See ya, later" I told him. I will never see that kid again. I am horrible at saying good bye. I really am. I am already awkward and then good byes make me way more awkward. Well I guess back to normal. Except, I hate my old normal.


  4. I don’t think I have ever been this not OK. Ever. I don’t even get it.


  5. Honestly, what is wrong with me?


  6. The only reason to check out season 7 of True Blood: Pam and Eric’s relationship. I gave it a shot last night. 30 mins in, I left to take a shower. What I like about Pam is that she is not confused. Everyone else on this show is deeply confused about something. Even Eric sometimes. Pam does not give a fuck. Sorry she does. About Eric. That’s it. I respect that.

  8. midnasbitch:





    We are not so different.

    I love this, we are all just occupying different forms

    this is the coolest f*cking thing

    this is so important


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  9. eric northman + fangtasia’s interior

  10. beaufortplace:

    Eric Northman

    True Blood (2008-2014)