1. arcademermaid:

    FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Minus Blondie and Regine, Arcade Fire’s second weekend Coachella set takes the cake. Like I can’t even breathe. The band looked like they had a blast and so did I. Like opening with *fake* Daft Punk, having Win dedicate the “Suburbs” to all those “who are really in love”, then…

    Arcade Fire were all that you wanted them to be and so much more. They really made the weekend memorable. Never seen a band perform like them. And I have seen a lot of bands perform over the weekend

  2. vantesla:


    No. Seriously. I love this band!

  3. Still don’t know who this guy is but he is pretty red. Silent member of Daft Punk. There. I figured it out!


  4. Arcade Fire is the best band ever!!!!

  5. Sunset by the stage

  6. My Arcade Fire buttons. Cannot wait to see them later tonight!


  7. Coachella final day.


  8. Fucking Farrell killed it last night. And I don’t even like him.


  9. Head and the Heart coming up!!!


  10. White Lies at Coachella